How It Works for Teachers

Who can be a teacher?
Any company or individual can be a teacher but the content of the courses must be approved by us.

What kind of content can be included in a course?
Each course can be organized in lessons and each lesson can have a wide variety of content including video, HTML pages, Powerpoints, pdf, file downloads, quizes, forums, chat, wikis, glossaries, surveys, and feedback.  Students can even be awarded with a certificate.

How do I upload my course content?
We will help you with this. Just send us your content including a syllabus and we will create your course for you.

Who owns the content?
Not us.  The author of the course retains ownership of the content.

Can the courses be used for marketing?
Yes, somewhat. Products can be used in the courses and courses can even be about how to use a particular product but the content must be useful to the students.

What price may I charge?
Any price you like including zero.  Companies presenting courses for marketing purposes should most likely offer the courses for free.

If I charge, how do I get paid?
You take care of the course content and teaching the course while we take care of the infrastructure and collecting tuition. You get 70% of the tuition and we get 30%.

Is my content protected from piracy?
Students are required to agree to our anti-piracy policy and only registered students may enter the courses but it is not technically possible to completely prevent willful piracy.

Last modified: Saturday, 19 December 2015, 8:22 PM