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    This course is derived from a series of undergraduate and graduate level courses taught at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (Dynamic Systems, Vibrations, Spectral Analysis, Structural Dynamic Modeling Techniques, Experimental Modal Analysis, Structural Dynamics) by Dr. Peter Avitabile.  The material in this blended industry style course addresses the fundamentals of structural dynamics and vibration analysis.  Some finite element modeling for dynamic analysis is also included.

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    Additional Features: LabVIEW GUI's, Matlab Scripts, Slide PDF's, Quizes

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    This is the free preview version of the Basic Experimental Modal Analysis course by Dr. Peter Avitabile. Students considering taking the pay version can enter this free version to view the first few minutes of each video lesson.

    You can also view the full length of lesson No. 2 of 15 "Non-Mathematical Overview of Experimental Modal Analysis" by clicking here.

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    This seminar focuses on the practical implementation of experimental modal analysis testing. This is accomplished through understanding basic application of theory and measurement techniques as well as data reduction to obtain modal characteristics. Concepts of theoretical background, digital signal processing, excitation techniques and extraction of modal parameters from measured frequency response functions is the goal of this seminar.

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    Original Presented Length: 4 Days

    Total Video Length: 5hr 47min

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    This course is a primer on accelerometers commonly used in sound and vibration applications. The operating principles of piezoelectric, MEMS, piezoresistive, capacitive, and replica rotational accelerometers are explained. Lasers and acoustic emission sensors are also covered. The important specifications are detailed. Finally, mounting, handling, and trouble shooting are addressed.

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    This course explains near field techniques for imaging sound fields using particle velocity and intensity sensors.  Several demonstrations and application examples are shown.

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