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  • Preview: Basic Experimental Modal Analysis

    Dr. Peter AvitabileThis is the preview version of the Basic Experimental Modal Analysis course by Dr. Peter Avitabile. Students considering taking the full version may view the first few minutes of each video lesson for free.

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  • 1: Course Introduction

  • 2: Non-Mathematical Overview of Experimental Modal Analysis

    • Overview of Modal Analysis
    • What is Modal Analysis
    • Resonance of structures
    • Impact and Shaker excitations
    • Modal parameter estimation preliminaries
    • Operating data considerations
  • 3: Introduction to Modal Analysis

    • Overview some concepts and ideas related to modal analysis
    • Overview the finite element modeling process
    • Overview the experimental modal analysis process

  • 4: Modal Test Considerations

    • Overview some basic steps in the development of an experimental model
    • Discuss some basic considerations for a test
    • Discuss some data acquisition topics
    • Discuss some data reduction concepts

  • 5: Basic Modal Analysis Theory and Related Topics

    • Describe the basic types of mathematical models
    • Present the basic SDOF model
    • Expand the SDOF model to MDOF systems
    • Introduce the concepts of modal space and related information necessary for experimental modal analysis
    • Explain some basic linear algebra concepts

  • 6: Digitization, Quantization, Aliasing, Leakage

    • Overview basic digital signal processing concepts
    • Discuss digitization and sampling
    • Discuss quantization
    • Discuss aliasing and anti-aliasing filters
    • Discuss leakage

  • 7: Windows

    • Overview window concept
    • Discuss different windows
    • Discuss effects of windows

  • 8: Measurement Definitions

    • Define the basic measurements needed for experimental modal analysis
    • Define linear spectra and power spectra
    • Include the effects of noise

  • 9: Impact Excitation

    • Overview impact excitation techniques
    • Review hammer/tip characteristics
    • Review special DSP considerations

  • 10: Shaker Excitation

    • Overview some shaker excitation techniques commonly employed in modal testing
    • Review deterministic and non-deterministic methods
    • Present excitation techniques that have developed from a historical standpoint

  • 11: Multiple Input Multiple Output Shaker Testing

    • Discuss several practical aspects of multiple input multiple output shaker testing
    • Discuss some tools commonly used in MIMO testing

  • 12: Mode Indicator Techniques

    • Identify some tools used for mode identification
    • Identify some do's and don't's
    • Identify some things to consider

  • 13: Basic Modal Parameter Estimation

    • Parameter estimation concepts
    • SDOF and MDOF methods
    • Time vs Frequency methods
    • Local/Global/Polyreference curvefitting
    • Mode Identification Tools & Stability Diagram
    • Modal Extraction
    • Estimation Considerations

  • 14: Modal Parameter Estimation Techniques

    • Identify some steps in the MPE process
    • Identify some do's and don't's
    • Identify some things to consider

  • 15: Model Validation

    • Overview some techniques commonly used for the validation of experimental modal models

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